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Ah, it’s alright, not many people do.

Hi.  I’m Jim Moriarty.  How can I help you?

Avery McCormick. Can I bum a cigarette? 

Nice to meet you Avery.  Yeah sure, here -hands him a pack and a lighter-

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Hey. Do I know you? You look- 

Oh. Oh no. You’re- 

You’re another kid version of James. 

Yes I am.  You know another one of me?

You look familiar as well.  What’s your name?

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I’ve never seen you around here. But, then again,


Ah, it’s alright, not many people do.

Hi.  I’m Jim Moriarty.  How can I help you?

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What d’you want, kid? You look a bit too young to own a car, don’t you?

I’m not too young, I’m seventeen.  And I can own whatever the hell I want to own.

The First Job




“Sebby?”, he whined, entirely not enjoying that new nickname. He watched Jim totter out of the bar and wondered how the man had managed to get slightly drunk from drinking 4 shots of Vodka.
This night could actually be fun.
“Show the way.” Sebastian grinned once they were outside and kept up with his new boss to walk directly next to him.

Jim walked the four blocks to his flat, and climbed the stairs with only a few stumbles before reaching the door.  He fumbled around in his pockets for the keys, dropping them once before finally opening the door and throwing his keys on the table at the door.  
“Welcome to my humble abode.” he said with a grin, motioning Sebastian to the couch and disappearing into the kitchen for a moment.  When he came back, he had two bottles in his hand, one of an Irish whiskey that he had, and another was a brandy.
“For you, good sir.” he sail, holding out both bottles for him to choose from, and putting the other on the table for later before sitting next to Seb on the couch and facing him with a grin.

Sebastian was quite amused by how clumsy Jim suddenly was, because somehow it didn’t suit him at all, but at the same time it was… cute.
He shook his head and grinned, already moving to pick up the keys but Jim was faster, so he just dropped his hand awkwardly and stepped into the hallway of the flat. After shrugging off his coat and hanging it up he followed his boss into the living room and flopped down on the couch.
“I’ll have the whiskey.”, he smirked, held out his hand to take the bottle and read the label.
“Nice flat.”, he nodded to prevent them from falling into uncomfortable silence.

"Thank you." he said with a proud grin.  "I got it with the money that my parents left me after I had them killed."
He frowned slightly, realizing that that wasn’t exactly something that every child did normally.  ”Yeah, I didn’t say that, okay?” he said, looking at Sebastian with dangerous eyes, looking completely sober for a few minutes before breaking out in a sloppy grin. 
"Are your folks still alive?" Jim asked, keeping the conversation up as much as his half sober brain would allow him to. 

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“Seriously everyone knows my name ‘round here. You an older Jim?” 

"Yeah I am.  How old are you?"

London’s Wasteland






Why is it always about ‘what will you do?’ What will you do, what will she do. DO, do, do, do, do. Why isn’t the issue here who I am?

“Sebastian, what you DO defines who you are.” Seb’s mum snapped.

Seb’s brother stated, “Surely, Mum, it’s not what you do… but how you do it.”

Seb smiled, recalling the memory as she made her way down the hall of her old University. Dinner was awkward the night Seb’s family found out the 22 year old dropped out. Her 17 year old brother, Sam, always had her back though. Seb stepped into her favourite professor’s office about a week later. “Can I come in?” Professor Johnny Byron smiled, ‘Of course, Ms Moran. I thought you left.’ Seb entered and circled the room admiring the trinkets he had all over the walls, showcasing his memories. “I did… but I’m not sure where to go from here.” She said rather distracted, upon coming across an old rifle of his. He nodded, ‘I see.’ Prof. Byron got up from his desk and walked up next to her. ‘You’re bored. Unfullfilled.’ Seb turned her head toward him, “Go on.” He scoffed, ‘What was your major?’ “Pathology.” ‘Mm.’ They were quiet. Seb turned back to the rifle, then reached out and ran her hand along it fondly. “Dickert Rifle… what year.” Prof. Byron nodded, ‘Impressive. 1780.’ He paused, ‘Ms Moran… have you ever shot a gun?’ Seb stopped, then recoiled her hand, “No.”

Prof. Byron smiled.

For the next three months Seb met up with who she now referred to as Johnny or Rooster for a beer and a lesson about guns. He had an extensive collection and almost everyday Seb was out practicing her shot with various styles.

Every day she would take the bus that went from the rural countryside to lower west side London. A lot of private school boys took that bus and Seb usually kept to herself. One day she noticed a young man outside. He wasn’t waiting for the bus, but they made eye contact— and neither one smiled. Who was that man?

The next day he was there again, except her ignored her completely and got on the bus. Seb watched him as he sat by himself about seven rows up from her. This one was different. May how he carried himself or maybe the look in his eye… she found it intriguing. She noticed his attendance on the bus for a week. Finally she stared hard at him through the bus driver’s rear view mirror. The man looked up at the mirror and they made eye contact again, but it was rather short lived. Seb waited for the man to get off the bus. In between them was four private school boys, but she slowly moseyed off as well and stood about ten feet back. Something was up with this kid and she was gonna follow him. Seb took out a smoke and her lighter, a personalized one with the lower half of a pin up girl and a gun, then lit her smoke and took a puff before tucking away her lighter and staying put as everyone dispersed leaving her and the man alone.

After the second day, Jim noticed her.  The first time they made eye contact, he made nothing of it.  It wasn’t like Jim to dwell on quick eye contact with a person, but the second day she was there again, and she still noticed him.  He ignored her, trying to get her eyes off of him.  He couldn’t afford to be noticed in his business.  Each day, she’d stare at him, and he’d blatantly ignore her.  He became increasingly nervous each day, glancing up at the mirror when he thought she wasn’t looking, only to look quickly every time she was.

On the last day, however, she decided to follow him off the bus.  He walked slowly down the street, not to his real house, bun in the general direction of one of his warehouses.  No matter how many alleys he went down, how many sharp turns he took, he couldn’t shake the girl off of his trail.  He hoisted his backpack up his shoulder, the feeling of his handgun in the pack comforting him slightly.  At least he was protected if she was a cop.

Finally, once he reached the door of the warehouse, he turned around to face her. There was still about 10 feet in between them, but he could see the smoke coming from her mouth as clear as day.  ”Why are you following me?” he half shouted at her, hand hovering over the pocket knife in his back pocket, just in case.

Seb slowly savored each puff of her cigarette. Where was he going? He was clever not to lead him to his house. What was in his back pack? If he was closer when he adjusted it she may be able to guess— a few shakes of it and she’d have a pretty damn good guess. She stayed far enough behind to just barely keep him in sight. Her cigarette was almost down to the filter.

And then he stopped. Seb kept walking until she was about ten feet away. Was he nervous? Yeah… she did that sometimes. Oops. She took one last drag of her cigarette and let the smoke slowly linger out of her mouth and disperse into the air. The blonde then dropped the filter and stepped on it.

She scoffed, “I dunno.” There was a pause. “Why do I find you interesting?” Seb wasn’t armed, but along with gun training Rooster insisted on some self defense training and a dabble of knife work. Seb took a few more steps toward him. She motioned with her head to the building behind the man, “What’s it for?”

Jim eyed her suspiciously, taking a step back as she stepped forward.  His eyebrow raised as she said that she found him interesting.  He relaxed his stance slightly, but he kept his hand on his back pocket.  He studied her carefully.  He didn’t know why he’d thought she was a cop, she obviously wasn’t.  She held herself differently, and looked to young to be a cop. 

He followed her motion with his eyes, looking at the building behind him.  ”That’s where I keep my stuff.” he said slowly, not disclosing what kind of ‘stuff’ he had in there, well aware that about 97% of it was illegal.  ”Why, who are you?” he asked defensively, running his tongue over his bottom lip and keeping his eyes trained on her carefully.

She nodded, keeping her distance as a response to his actions. Okay. Seb crossed her arms and got a slightly amused look on her face. He wasn’t afraid… but cautious. She couldn’t tell if that was a good or bad thing. Perhaps both. She grew more intrigued by what could be in that warehouse. This kid was doing something shady… she could almost feel it. Just what level was he playing at, though?

She lowered her head and a smirk slowly found it’s way across her face, “Mm… you must have a lot of stuff.” What kind of stuff? Seb shifted her jaw to the side and stuck her tongue in the side of her mouth. She contemplated whether or not she wanted to tell him. Weighing the pros and cons made her consider that she would have to establish trust in one way or another in order to get anywhere with him. To much would be enough to let him have overwhelming power over her. She returned her jaw to it’s normal position and dropped her arms, speaking firmly, “Sebastian. A girl with a boy’s name.” She raised her brows, “Rather useful.” She folded her arms behind her back and narrowed her eyes, noting his hand placement. “You don’t have to tell me your name if you don’t want to.”

Jim nodded slowly, his eyes still watching her carefully.  ”I do.  This is one of three that I have.” he said, still keeping his guard up, but lowering it just enough to brag a bit about his stuff.  When she told him her name, he relaxed a little bit more, slowly removing his hand from his pocket.  She looked interesting enough.  Maybe he could trust her.

"Well I want to." he snapped back, in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice.  "I’m Jim." He ran his tongue along his bottom lip, contemplating on whether to offer his hand of not.  After a moment’s thought, he decided against it, but his body language was considerably less hostile than it was a few moments ago.  "What do you want?"